It’s late on a work night.

You should be in bed, but you’re not. No, you’re working your way through the channels, bleary eyed and wondering how on earth there can be so much on without a single thing to watch.

But then you stumble across it.

A flash from your past. Just a glimpse at first, caught in your consciousness for mere seconds as your spasming remote finger whisks you off to channels new. You’ve overshot, and are now faced with a rather enthusiastic man trying to sell you a potato peeler. But all’s not lost. A quick bit of back-pedaling returns you to the sparkling jewel that captured your attention.

“Wow” you mutter under your breath “Gremlins 2! I haven’t seen this for years!”


How We Roll

Originally the Lifestyle Network started off as a collaborative blog written using Google wave. However Lee and Dan quickly realised that they were having much more fun putting together a supplemental podcast for the site, and decided to concentrate purely on audio.

Because Lee and Dan live on opposite sides of the earth they tend to only be able to get together over Skype when one has just woken up and the other is just about to go to bed. This goes some way to explain the quality of the podcast.

If you would like to become a member of Lifestyle Network and co-host an episode of the podcastthen please let us know. We’re always on the look out for new participants. If you’ve got the time to watch an old movie and then talk crap about it with two culturally stunted cretins then we want to hear from you. Just drop us a line using contact form.

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